Unusual 2 No Trump - A conventional defence method

  1. The unusual 2 NT is a conventional defence method. It is designed to show a two suited hand with one bid.
  2. The logic and reasoning behind the convention is to deprive opponents of bidding space and also to describe your distribution.
 It has a pre-emptive effect putting pressure on the opponents to find their fits and games at the 3 level.

The Unusual 2 NT is used after the opposition have opened the bidding.
It is artificial showing 2 unbid suits and should be at least 5 cards in each suit.
There is no point count minimum, although vulnerability should be a consideration.
The convention is a direct jump to 2 NT after an opening bid.
eg. After a IC or ID opening, 2NT shows both majors.
After a IH or IS opening, 2 NT shows both minors.



Partner usually bids the suit he has most tolerance for.
With equal length in both suits, bid the cheapest suit. If I had an honour in one of the suits, I would be inclined to bid that suit.
EG If partner bid 2NT showing the majors and you had S 95 and H 72, just bid the hearts. If you had SJ4 and H 97. I would bid the Spades.
If partner bid 2 NT showing the minors, the same method applies.
NB. The unusual 2NT is NOT on after the opponents open a weak two.
Over a weak 2, 2NT shows a good balanced hand and a stopper in their suit.
The unusual 2 NT is NEVER on after an artificial opening such as 2Clubs.


Uses and drawbacks


1)      It immediately shows a two suited hand with one bid.

2)      It pre-empts the opposition.

3)      It interferes with the opener's rebid of 2NT to show 17/18 points.


1)      The opponents double and get a large penalty.

2)      Opponents outbidding to get a major contract..

3)      Opponents making a contract that is normally unmakeable due to forewarning of adverse distribution.

Some examples of the various overcalls your partner can make and what they mean


Opponents Us  
South 1S Partner 1NT Partner has a legitimate, balanced, 1NT hand with 15-17 points, and a stopper in Spades.
South 1S Partner 2NT Partner holds 5/5 in the minors.
South 1S Partner X Partner has an opening hand, shortage in spades, tolerance for other suits.


 Examples and playable hands to be added soon!