Events 2018

Local Tournaments

Warkworth Open Pairs 8B Sat 27th Jan
Orewa Open Pairs 8B Sat 17th Feb
ECB Combined 3A/5B Sat 17th Mar
Hibiscus Combined 3A/5B Sat 14th Apr
North Shore Swiss Pairs Sat 21st Apr
ECB Int/Jun 5B/3B Sat 19th May
North Shore Restricted 8B Sat 14th Jul
Orewa Mary Mennie Teams Trophy Sun Sep 30
North Shore North Auckland Teams Challenge TBA
Hibiscus / Warkworth NZ Wide Pairs TBA
North Shore Int/Jun 5B/3B Sat 27th Oct
Orewa PairsCombined 3A/5B Sun 4th Nov
ECB Restricted 8B Sat 10th Nov
Hibiscus Combined 3A/5B Sat 24th Nov

Club Events

Orewa Charity Tournament TBA
Orewa Midyear Xmas Party Sun 17th Jun
Orewa AGM Fri 9th Nov
Orewa Prize Giving and Xmas Party Sun 9th Dec

Holiday Bridge 2018 - Please amend your programme book

Wednesdays: Jan 10, Dec 5, 12    (Jan 17,24,31 have been replaced by Orewa Beach Pairs (Scr))
Thursdays:  Dec 6, 13     (Jan 4 has been cancelled. Jan 11,18,25 have been replaced by OBC Pairs (Scr))

New Events 2018 - Please amend your programme book

Wednesdays: Orewa Beach Pairs (Scr) - Jan 17,24,31
Thursdays: OBC Pairs (Scr) - Jan 11,18,25

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