Landy - A conventional defence over ACOL 1NT opening

  1. 2 Clubs = both majors
  2. 2NT = both minors
  3. 2D = a long suit (optional)


Landy shows you that your partner does not have enough points to double over 1NT - e.g. 15 + points.
1)      It is useful to have a bid which shows both majors or minors.
2)      The requirement for an overcall can vary according to vulnerability.
3)      The overcaller's partner can make a limit bid with 10+ points.
4)      If the overcall is 2 Clubs, the responder can, with equal length in both, bid 2 Diamonds to ask about the overcaller's longest major.
Overcaller could have a 5/4.
North -  S Q10862 H K983 DA84 C4
So in this instance if South has 2 Spades and 2 Hearts, they can bid 2 D, giving North the option of the best suit.

When vulnerable, it is advisable to have 5/5.
Be careful bidding over a strong Standard American 1 NT.
Do not bid with a balanced hand after a INT opening. Balanced hands are best suited for defence.
One benefit of Landy bids is that it takes out bidding space and can often takes the bids that the responder to INT was going to make.


How to respond to a 2 club overcall

1)     With equal length in both majors you can bid 2D. This tells partner that you have equal length in both suits. This allows partner to bid his longest or best suit.

2)     With unequal length, bid your longest suit.

3)     With a 4 card suit and 10+ points, you can invite by jumping a level.


1)      With a weak hand, just bid your better minor.

2)      If you have equal length in both, bid the lower one.

3)      If you have an honour or honours in one suit, bid that one.

4)      If you have 10+ points and both majors protected, you could try 3NT.


1)     There is basically only one response, which is 2 H, which partner will pass or correct.

2)     You could pass 2D if you had a good strong D suit. You would have to judge whether it was better that your partner's 6 card suit.